HoneyComb. 3D modeling and animation. This was made with Blender and Adobe After Effects. Camo. Texture color grading and animation. This was made using turbulent displacement in Adobe After Effects. Color-Zag. This was made in Adobe After Effects. The major effect used was Turbulent Displacement.
Cracked. Texture color grade and animatation. This was made using Flo Motion in Adobe After Effects. Crumpled Onyx. This is a graphic texture that was animated in Adobe After Effects. The major effects used is called Griddler. Paint Pattern. The two main effects here are Offset and Turbulent Displacement in Adobe After Effects.
Beautiful animated background made using a bubble generator in Adobe After Effects. Blue Zebra. Tubulent displacement and color grading in Adobe After Effects. Meditation. Animated visual loop. This clip was color graded and looped to be used as an animated music visual aid.

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I am a motion designer living in Orange County, CA. I love everything related to digital media. I like to think of myself as a digital storyteller. Great stories have the power to captivate an audience, and the best stories have beautiful visuals and audio. That's why I focus on both. I have always loved music, and I have always loved animation and motion graphics. I work to bring the creative worlds of music production and visual storytelling together, and if that's your mission too, then it's great to meet you!

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Motion Design and Animation

Tools of Choice: Adobe After Effects/Blender

Graphic Design and Illustration

Tools of Choice: Adobe Illustrator/Canva

Sound Design and Music Production

Tools of Choice: Native Instruments / Adobe Audition

My Reputation

"Chris demonstrates professionalism in all that he does. His communication is timely and his attitude and attention regarding his work is positive and appreciated. He responds swiftly to change-requests and he initiates new ideas to keep projects engaging for our social media audiences. Based upon my positive experience with Chris, I recommend him for his digital content creation, video editing and musical composition services to all interested parties."

Rodney T. Marshall

Programs Manager

American Red Cross, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

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Orange County, CA

Phone: (714) 624-9921